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A Peep into Odishan Culture

A Peep into Odishan Culture

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  • Author:Dr. Soma Chand

No words or volumes can aptly picturise ‘the wonder that is India’. The obvious reason is its multitudinous diversity. India’s diversity lie in her culture, in the fragmented nature of regions as well as sub-regions, in the political, linguistic and behavioural patterns and more specially in the social attitude of the individuals. But uniquely enough, such features have more often brought about a synthesis, rather than an impairment of the true spirit of our society and culture.

                                Therefore, it is not difficult to find out the characteristic features of Odishan culture in a micro level. Culture has no frontier or no water-tight compartments. Since the dawn of the civilisation, the vital and conspicuous role of Odisha in the cultural mainstream of the nation can be well ascertained.

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