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Fort of Daulatabad

Fort of Daulatabad

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  • Author:Dr. Dulari Qureshi

Contents: Preface. 1. A brief history of Daulatabad. 2. Architectural compositions within the fort. 3. The water system at Daulatabad Fort. 4. Environmental impacts of tourism growth in and around Daulatabad Fort. 5. Monument around Daulatabad Fort. 6. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.

"The present book, "Daulatabad Fort", throws light on all the architectural creations in and around Daulatabad Fort. The fort was excavated by Bhillama IV of the Yadava dynasty and successive dynasties who conquered the fort have continuously added to its rich architectural buildings. The book includes a brief history of the fort. But the main focus of the book is on its architectural strength that includes the giant, formidable fortification walls, with features like battlements, bastions, gates, etc. The fort has a broad moat with a wooden bridge connection, caves in the interior, temples, Masjids, step-wells, tanks, etc. which have been described at length. It also contains details of palaces, built by various dynasties, their architectural features, etc. The landmark of Daulatabad Fort is 'Chand Minar' or 'Tower of Victory', which has been described at length. The book also throws light on the water system of the period.

Besides the architectural remains, the book has taken special pains to assess and evaluate the present condition of all these remains. The environmental impact of development due to tourism, around the fort, at the same time failure of the authorities at planned conservation and preservation of the fort has also been measured, gauged and appraised.

The book has further attempted to identity all major problem areas and offered useful suggestions for a planned development and expertise to create a more satisfactory experience for the tourists."

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