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HINDU ARCHITECTURE : Vastu & Silpa Sastra

HINDU ARCHITECTURE : Vastu & Silpa Sastra

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  • Author:Govind Pilai

In ‘Manasara Vastu and Silpa-Sastra’ certain discrepancies in the book made me to investigate. This book is the result of author investigation lasting over a period of several

years. This book deals with fourteen chapters like: First chapter is introductory, Second chapter is Determination of the Cardinal points, Third chapter is Hindu System of

Surveying, Fourth chapter is Hindu Measurements, Fifth chapter is Hindu proportions or the Relation between Length and Breadth, Sixth chapter is the Perimeter and the

Yoni, Seventh chapter is Tests for Measurements, Eighth chapter is Hindu Fractions and limiting values, Nine chapter is the Sacrificial Altars, Tenth chapter is town Planning,

Eleventh chapter is House Planning, Twelfth chapter is Sculpture, Thirteenth chapter is about Silpis, who are they, Fourteenth chapter is Conclusion.

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