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Harappan Potteries

Harappan Potteries

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This book "Harappan Potteries" has oldest hand-made pottery c. 20000-13000 B.C. old has reported from East China. In South Asia hand made corded ceramics of c.6000-5000 B.C., old have reported from Mehrgarh and Chopani-Mando. The wheel made ceramic appears around c.4000-3600 B.C. at Mehrgarh. The early Harappan pottery of c.3500-2800 B.C. of various types has been discovered from Nal, Kot-Diji, Damb Sadaat, Ravi ware from Harap-pa, Sothi-Siswal and Hakara.Mature Harappan pot-teries c.2700-1900 B.C. are red, buff, black on red, micacious red, grey painted, black on red.

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