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Mimamsa Sutra of Jaimini

Mimamsa Sutra of Jaimini

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  • Author:N.V. Thadani

This book explains Law of Dharma, Law of Action, their relation, the subject matter of the Vedas, exposition of gunas and nature, idea of sacrifice, meaning of Agni, evil and desire, nature of Dana, Law of Man's life, etc.

          Importance of mind, reason, the meaning of Svaha, different ways of its interpretation, idea of repetition in Yajna, the Law of Intellect, interpretation of Saman hymns, authority of teachers, control of Desire, action and its renunciation are given in the book, explained in detail.

           How the desire is an attribute of mind, object of action, how to understand sacred books, the idea of planets, cause and its effect, the meaning of some special terms like Dadati, Daksina etc., Rtvij priests, Japa, life and death, extinction of action, different ways of recitation, perception of time, Soul, Visnu, have been thrown proper light upon.                      

           The book also speaks about "Disguise" and Krama, meaning of God, language of the Vedas, doubt, silence, ahankara, creation, restrictions, instinct to have offspring, power of pleasure, beauty, importance of resolution, proof of the existence of soul, Rtvij priests and jyotistoma didactically.

          Text in the book along with its translation and notes make this book understandable and the efforts put in to make this book come out in this form will certainly prove fruitful for the readers also.

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