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Raghu Smriti

Raghu Smriti

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  • Edited by :K.M. Suresh
  • Edited by :Prof. Laxman Telagavi

Raghu Smriti : Recent Researches in Archaeology ( In Honour of Late Dr. H.R. Raghunath Bhat)

Contents: I. Pre-history, proto-history and archaeology: 1. A study of early Harappan pottery motifs/D.P. Sharma and Anisha Saxena. 2. The engimatic Central Stele in Harappan "Fire Altars" : some observations/J. Manuel. 3. Origin and growth of Neolithic culture in Tamilnadu/S. Murugavel. 4. Recent discoveries of pre-historic sites in Arasikere of Hassan District/Hanuma Nayaka. 5. Archaeology of the Ramayana sites in the light of recent excavations at Ayodhya/Krishna Kumar. 6. Hampi : before the Vijayanagara/Vasudev Badiger. 7. Megalithic monuments of South India/N. Jeyakumar. II. Philosophy and religion: 8. The Adipurana : the genesis of human history/Nagarajaiah, Hampa. 9. Socio-religious aspects in the Vamana Purana/N.C. Panda. 10. Why Sri Lanka is being called the Lanka of Ravana/J. P. Mithal. 11. Reflection of the Vedas in the Mahabharata/N.C. Panda. 12. Concept of Avatara/Anam Charan Swain. 13. Dowry system as reflected in Dharmasastra/K.G. Ambika. 14. Mahabharata and Kautilya's Arthasastra some remarks on political aspects/P.V. Narayanan. 15. Vidyanand Muni--A great Saint of our times/S.K. Melkar and S.G. Chalawadi. 16. The concept of creation according to the Upanishads/A.C. Swain. 17. A historical Survey of medicines and practice in Karnataka/K.G. Vasantha Madhava. III. Buddhist studies: 18. Role of early Buddhist proselytizers in the integration of the nation : some observations/J. Manuel. 19. A study of a painting on Japanese Emma-Ten-Mandara (Yama-Mandala)/A.K. Bhattacharya. 20. Authors of Petroglyphs in Ladakh and Baltistan/B.R. Mani. 21. Dandan-Uiliq Panels for the divine protection of Khotan/Lokesh Chandra. 22. Interface between India and South-East Asia/Amar Nath Khanna. IV. Epigraphy and numismatics: 23. Seven fragmentary stone inscriptions from Mansar/Prabhat Kumar Singh. 24. Recent discoveries of the early Chalukyan inscriptions and other archaeological remains at Bachingud, Dist. Bagalkot, Karnataka/L.S. Rao. 25. Jainism in North Kanara--an epigraphical study/K.G. Bhat Soori. 26. Flood control information in Harihara inscriptions/Harihar Sreenivasa Rao. 27. Brahmadesam Inscriptions of Rashtrakuta Krishna III/S. Swaminathan. 28. Some important discoveries in Perso-Arabic epigraphy/G.S. Khwaja. 29. Social customs and practices of medieval Northern Karnataka/C.S. Vasudevan. 30. Manda : A gold coin of South India/A.V. Narasimha Murthy. 31. Two copper coins of the Karnataka Palegars/Mandarke Nithyananda Pai. 32. Mahidpur :  a place name/Jai Prakash. 33. Brahminical immigration to Orissa from South India/Subrata Kumar Acharya. V. Art and architecture: 34. Discovery of remains of Asokan Pillar at Kachhi Ghat-Patna City/Pran Ranjan Prasad. 35. Satavahana architecture -- some aspects/M.T. Kamble. 36. Narasimha images from Mansar and Sirpur/A.K. Sharma. 37. Recent developments in Vakataka historiography with special references to the Vakataka-Gupta relations/Shankar Goyal. 38. Jain rock-cut temples and sculptures of Gwalior Fort, Gwalior (M.P.)/B.L. Nagarch. 39. Jain Bronzes from Ater Dist. Bhind, Madhya Pradesh/Navneet Kumar Jain. 40. Krishnadevaraya's Grants and donations during the Kalinga War, with special reference to the Krishna Temple/Anila Verghese. 41. Two unique sculptures of Lord Ganesh in the Vidarbha/M.R. Dhekane. 42.  Pre-Vijayanagara Hampe : a religious and educational Centre/C.T.M. Kotraiah. 43. The endowment from Arasappa Nayaka II of Swadi to Sri Chandrasekhara Sarasvati of Swarnavalli Matha/A.K. Shastry. 44. The Domes in Islamic architecture India/S.K. Joshi. 45. Carvings and drawings gleaned on the Ramparts of Raichur Fort/V. Suguna Sharma. 46. A rare sketch of Ikkeri Temple by Italian Traveller/K. Venkatesh Jois. V. Museum, Conservation and tourism: 47. Chandesa image from Victoria Jubilee Museum, Vijayawada/Myneni Krishna Kumari. 48. Security of Museums/Pran Ranjan Prasad. 49. Impact assessment of tourism development at Ajanta and Conservation Measures/Dulari R. Qureshi. 50. Development of Srirangapatna as a historical international tourism center/T. Dayananda Patel.

"Raghu Smriti, the present Commemoration Volume is a humble tribute recording our profound respect to Late Prof. H.R. Raghunath Bhatt, to whom the fraternity of scholars of Indian Art, History, Epigraphy and numismatics of Karnataka are greatly indebted to. When we proposed to bring out this volume, a large number of scholars and friends of Prof. Bhatt, not only appreciated and applauded it but also assured of all co-operation with love and affection to make it success. And accordingly contributed their valuable research papers on varied subjects of their interests.

This volume had to be given the title as Raghu Smriti, in memory of Late Prof. H.R. Raghunath Bhatt, on account of the utmost interest and love of art, history and sculptures particularly of Balligave, a regional history of Karnataka. He had worked on a study of sculptural art of Balligave-Banavasi region. It was his special interest due to love on sculptures and art. And also he did research in epigraphy, numismatics and cultural aspects of Karnataka and published book in English and Kannada.

As usual, the scholarly and enlighting papers of the present volume are arranged under six sections."

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