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Ramayana Sculptures from Hampi -Vijayanagara

Ramayana Sculptures from Hampi -Vijayanagara

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"The Ramayana" is one of the two great epics of India and its influence on the life of Indian people has been great and immeasurable. The ideals of the Rama-yana have gone deep into the core of Indian life and have largely moulded its social, political and cultural fabric and eternal history of India. Rama is an ideal hero and the "Ramayana" describes his character un-paralleled in human history. During Vijayanagara period many poets and scholars translated the "Ramayana" in Kannada language. The most im-portant work in Kannada on "Ramayana" theme is the "Ramakatha" of Narahari, datable to circa 1580-1600, based upon the Valmiki's "Ramayana".

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