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The Early History of Southern Deccan

The Early History of Southern Deccan

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  • Author:Dr. Niranjan Kulkarni

As Deccan holds prominent position in India with its rich cultural heritage. During its Early Historic Period, one can witness its affluence at its peak; and that was in every sphere of life. However, today when Indian archaeology is going through the mature stages of Processual or New Archaeology there are some pockets in such a vast region like Deccan where the basic work of archaeological surveys and the creation of primary database is lacking. The area of southern Deccan is one of such neglected areas. Hence, the present investigation is undertaken to understand the early historic southern Deccan, against the background of Early Historic Deccan, in general and with reference to two notable cities of the period, viz. Karad and Kolhapur. The investigation is concentrated in the area of Southern Dec-can, or, more precisely the 'Upper Krishna Basin-in the part of Maharashtra state', during the Early Historic Period. Around 103 new Early Historic sites were discovered during intensive and extensive exploration. Their settle-ment and subsistence patterns were reconstructed. A mod-el of 'Tinai' from Ancient Tamils utilized to understand the economy and interrelations among these sites. It seems that all these sites, with various typologies, connected to each other through the network of local-exchanges.

Dr. Niranjan Kulkarni completed his doctoral research, from Deccan College, an eminent institution in the field of Archaeology. His research was supervised by Prof. V. S. Shinde, Vice Chancellor, Deccan College, deemed to be University, Pune. This book is a revised and updated ver-sion of his doctoral thesis. His area of specialization is 'Ancient and Medieval Indian History and Archaeology'. He is the founder and President of 'Sangli Zilha Itihas Sanshodhan Mandal', with 'Deccan' as a research area.

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