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The Philosophy of Advaita

The Philosophy of Advaita

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  • Author:T.M.P. Mahadevan

In the book, ‘The philosophy of Advaita’ with special reference to Bharatitirtha-Vidyaranya in presented in a very lucid manner. Bharatitirtha in a well-known name in the history of Advaita after Sankara. The man of Advaita literature has grown enormously in the post-Sankara period. This work purports to be a modert study of Advaita dialectics with reference to the works of Bharatitirtha.

Epistomological position of Advaita is considered in the first two chapter. Sixth chapter define the saksi as the real self of the jiva and is shown to be non-different from Brahman. Chapter seven contains discussion about Isvara and jiva and their mutual relation. The last two chapters are concerned with way and the goal.

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