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The Upanishads (3.vol set)

The Upanishads (3.vol set)

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  • Translated by:R.S.Raman
  • Author:Dr.E.Roer
  • Edited by :R.K.Panda

The present book is a notable addition to the Upanishadic literature and properly edited keeping in mind the needs of the readers interested in Ancient wisdom and literary heritage. The book contains the Sanskrit texts of twelve Upani?ads along with their English and Hindi translations. The English translation is made by Dr. E. Roer and Hindi translation by R. S. Raman. The comprehensive notes are prepared from the commentaries of Shri Shankaracarya and the gloss of Anandagiri. The critical and comprehensive introductions both in English and Hindi are very useful for understanding the importance of Upani?ads and the general philosophy.S The readers will be highly benefited from the lucid, clear and authentic translations made by the expert translators. The proper care in editing and strenuous efforts in printing has distinguished the present edition from its counterparts and will solve the purpose for which it has been made.

About the Editor

Professor Dr. Rabindra Kumar Panda is an eminent scholar having expertise in the Nyayasastra, Vedantasastra and Ala?karasastra. He is the author of fifty works both critical and creative in Sanskrit. His two Mahakavyas Srisayajigauravam and Sripramukhaswamicaritam are significant contributions to the field of contemporary Sanskrit creative literature. Prof. Panda has received many International and National awards for his profound scholarship and notable achievement.

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